Sennheiser HD660 S Headphones - BLK - Open Box
Sennheiser HD660 S Headphones - BLK - Open Box
Sennheiser HD660 S Headphones - BLK - Open Box
Sennheiser HD660 S Headphones - BLK - Open Box

Sennheiser HD660 S Headphones - BLK - Open Box

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Like New - Open Box - Item comes as pictured. Item will come in original packaging and includes all accessories. Comes with a 30-day warranty.

Product highlights
  • over-the-ear design 
  • open-back, metal mesh covered ear cups for spacious and transparent sound 
  • latest model in Sennheiser's legendary HD600 series headphones 
  • streamlined design with timeless matte black finish 
  • we recommend a separate headphone amplifier for proper power and the best possible sound 
  • large dynamic drivers angled to create a more natural listening experience and a wider soundstage 
  • cutting edge transducer design for tightly controlled diaphragm movement 
  • diaphragm lined with stainless steel mesh for even airflow 
  • lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure accuracy and fast transient response 
  • snug, cushioned fit 
  • generous velour ear pads and soft headband padding 
  • specially tuned 9-foot oxygen-free copper cable with balanced 4.4mm headphone plug 
  • connects to the Sennheiser HDV 820 headphone amp 
  • 9-foot oxygen-free cable with unbalanced 1/4" headphone plug 
  • includes 3.5mm mini plug adapter 
  • storage box 
  • frequency response: 10-41,000 Hz (-10 dB) 
  • sensitivity: 98 dB 
  • impedance: 150 ohms 
  • weight: 9.2 oz. (without cable) 
  • warranty: 2 years 
  • What's in the box

    • Over-ear headphones with 10' audio cable (1/4" plug) 
    • 9" Adapter (1/4"-to-3.5mm) 
    • 10' Balanced audio cable (4.4mm Pentaconn) 
    • Hinged storage box 
    • Instruction manual 

    About this item

    Written by Crutchfield's Jeff Miller

    A classic revisited

    Many of us here at Crutchfield credit Sennheiser's legendary "HD 600" series as our gateway into the world of truly high-end personal audio. These HD 660 S headphones keep the spirit of their stellar predecessors alive (and we recently ranked them one of our " Top 5 most comfortable headphones"). They feature a tweaked design and completely revamped driver system.  

    Straight ahead view

    The HD 660 S headphones features velvet-soft ear pads and hold into place without squeezing too tightly.

    The result is a smooth, timeless look and — more importantly — even greater musical detail. When paired with a high-performance headphone amp, you get great clarity with pinpoint imaging.  

    Our most comfortable audiophile headphones

    In 2019, we did a deep dive on headphone comfort and asked 20 employees to test and score over 50 popular headphones. The HD 660 S was named our most comfortable set of audiophile headphones. This class of headphones is primarily geared toward sound, so they feature large, sophisticated drivers.

    But while the open-back HD 660 S features larger earcups than most “general purpose” headphones, the weight is distributed nicely. And our testers said that they felt lighter than other large audiophile headphones. The velvety cloth ear pads press gently on the side of your head, and give your ears plenty of room to breathe.

    Plus they stay in place really well. And we learned that security and stability were the most important comfort and fit traits to our testers. 

    Several ways to connect

    These headphones includes two cables, one with 4.4mm balanced headphone plug. This is quickly becoming the new industry standard connection for balanced headphone operation, and I've seen more and more companies adopt it.

    I've found that the compact, yet powerful  iFi ZEN DAC pairs up really nicely with the HD 660 S 'phones. It's a natural combo. I heard the classic HD 600-series immediate, forward sound signature — but there was an extra level of depth I didn't notice when connecting directly to my phone.  

    (For more traditional headphone connections, Sennheiser includes another cable with an unbalanced 1/4" plug and a 3.5mm miniplug adapter.)