VentureHeat Avert Unisex-Adult 7.4V Heated Glove Liner (Black, X-Large)-NOB - Like New

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Like New - Item will come in original packaging and includes all accessories. Comes with a 30-day warranty.

The Avert Heated Glove Liners contains micro-carbon fiber heating elements designed to warm the whole hands in cold weather. If you outer-glove fails to protect you from weather elements, no problem! These heated glove liners have water-resistant and windproof capabilities to keep your hand warm and dry and the winter cold out. With the durable softshell top layer and form-fitting flexible batteries, this heated glove liner can comfortable fit under most outer-gloves. Don't settle with normal glove liners to enhance your warming experience, Enjoy the best with Venture Heat's Avert Heated Glove Liners.