mophie juice pack Protective Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Used - Very Good

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Very Good - Great Condition, Comes with what is pictured, No original box

For people who use all the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, maintaining battery life can be a challenge. But you can now take advantage of a reliable extra battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to ensure that you can stay connected, charged, and productive anytime, anywhere. The mophie Juice Pack battery case extends your talk time to more than 59 total hours and gives you the ability to recharge your Samsung smartphone and battery case anywhere wireless charging systems are available (including Qi and PMA systems).

Connecting to multiple charging systems is simple with the mophie Juice Pack case. The magnetic mounts hold onto your phone and keep the Juice Pack battery case in place. Simply connect the phone’s charger and USB-C cable to the case to charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the fastest possible speed. This battery case can charge with any mophie charge force wireless accessory, including PMA and Qi wireless systems. You can charge at home, in the car, or on the road.

Charge Vault technology enables our industry-leading, high-density Juice Pack batteries to hold their charge for an extended period, so they are always ready right when you need them. You can also charge the Juice Pack battery case on the public wireless charging systems that are popular at coffee houses, airports, and hotels and in several new models of car. Safety is enhanced too, with high-impact protection features using rubberized support pads inside the hard-shell case. This allows it to survive hard falls and accidental falls.