What are product conditions and what do they mean?
At Salechamps.com, we source products from a variety of suppliers and we mostly buy bulk loads of customer returns (for more details see our "About Us" section). We then inspect every product and test them for functionality and authenticity. In that moment of the process, each product is assigned a specific condition type according to its current state. We identified 4 main types of product conditions: brand new, open box, pre-owned, and refurbished. The majority of the products we sell are open box; some are brand new, pre-owned, and a few are refurbished. We take actual pictures (except when product is new and/or package is sealed) of the items for sale, so you can take a closer look. 
Of course, most people are used to buying brand new products. This is the way we have been taught to consume by society ever since we became active consumers. But is there an alternative? Salechamps.com believes so!
In fact, did you know that most customer returns are not put back on retailer shelves? Why? Simply because they are not considered "brand new" anymore; either because the packaging has been altered or the product assembled, among other reasons. So what happens to these perfectly functional and almost new products? That's when we come into play! Not only are we able to sell to our customers these fantastic offers at discounted prices, but you as a consumer get to give a second life to products that would otherwise be discarded for no good reason. We like to think about it as a recycling circle, where you get the most benefits with our amazing deals ($!) on almost-new products. Indeed, why pay the full price for an item you can get at a discounted price with us!
Let us guide you through the 4 main types of product conditions you will find for sale on our website:

Brand New

A brand new product is unaltered and has not been manipulated in any way. It includes the following characteristics: 

  • Brand new item;
  • Contents have not been removed or tested;
  • Comes in original manufacturer packaging;
  • No damage to the outside packaging;
  • All parts, accessories and contents are included.

New Open Box

This is the most popular selection on our website - shop New Open Box here. A product classified New Open Box is most probably a customer return. It means it was purchased as a brand new item by someone, who later decided to return it to the store. Upon inspection by our team, the product is classified as new open box, and includes the following:
  • New item, not used;
  • Original manufacturer packaging may be open and/or not sealed;
  • Item is tested for functionality;
  • Packaging may have damage to the outside of the box but not on the product. 












Some of our products are pre-owned. This means that the product was purchased and used for a certain period of time. Since we do not know the history of the product, our team thouroughly inspects it and determines whether the pre-owned product is Like New, Very Good, Good, or Acceptable. Below is a description for each condition:

Pre-Owned, Like New (Excellent)

  • Comes with the original manufacturer packaging;
  • Item is tested for functionality;
  • Packaging may have damage to the outside of the box but not on the product;
  • Items are in excellent condition but show signs of minor use.

Pre-Owned, Very Good

  • Used products, shows signs of use.
  • Most are inspected for defects and tested for functionality.
  • May or may not include original packaging.
  • Packaging may be damaged on the outside. 

Pre-Owned, Good

  • Product packaging may vary;
  • Items are clearly used;
  • Pictures and description of product contain more detailed information on each item.

Pre-Owned, Acceptable

  • Packaging usually doesn't exist;
  • Shows extreme signs of wear and use.



And last but not least are the refurbished items. This means that the product was returned to the manufacturer and re-conditioned into its original state and packaging. Any issue that might have occurred is fixed in the process and refurbished products are in excellent shape. 


    As always every order is backed with our 30-DAY No-Hassle Return Policy. If you encounter any issue with your purchase, please contact ussupport@salechamps.com - and we will work with you to find the best solution! 

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